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Get your game worn Aces Jersey

The Altrincham Aces are proud to announce the launch of the Own & Loan scheme for the coming season. For the prices stated below, you can get your hands on either the home, away or warm up jersey of your favourite player on the 18/19 Altrincham Aces roster.

Home Jersey - £75
Away Jeresy - £75

You can also download our 18/19 Sponsorship Pack from here .

How it works

You buy the jersey your selected player will wear for this coming season. Once you have bought your jersey you loan it back to the club. At the end of the season the shirts is all yours! If you wish we will also publish an advert for your company (If applicable) in our match night programme. Your sponsorship will not be confirmed on the sponsorship grid until payment is received. Once registering your choice we will contact you regarding payment methods

f you are interested in sponsoring your favourite Aces players shirt for the 17/18 season, please register your interest at [email protected]

Below is the current own & loan shirt grid.

Our Sponsors



Jordan Ashington (A)
Sam Dunford
Tom Revesz
​Cade King
​Joe Greaves
Andy Dunn
​Tom Sharrock
​Oli Bayne
Brad Chapman
Jake Nurse (C)
Cameron Gibson
Tom Gilbert
​Jakub Pavlicek
Declan Ryan (N/M)
Phil Crosby (N/M)
Marcin Laszczak
Daniel Berry (A)
Jordan Holland
Jake Lowndes (N/M)
Kyle Haslam
Sheldon Cassidy
Corey Lee
Adam Cherry (N/M)
Jack Dillon

​​​​Paula Ashington
Bob Alexander
Stuart Latham
North West Skills Academy Mark Cull

TJ Hughes
Sam Bell
Direct Fencing & Gates Ltd
Richard & Erica Griffiths
​​​Andy Brindle​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​Kinga Laszczak

Shannon Broderick
Phil Lowndes

Pam Cull
Noah Cummins
Sue & Tony Dillon
​​Kelly Quarmby
Blackburn Thunder
​Stuart Latham

Andy Brindle
Leafield Projects Ltd

Abbie Holland
Direct Fencing & Gates Ltd
The Grumpy Git
TJ Hughes

TJ Hughes

Shear Delight Dog Groomers
Bobby Evans

Bethany Friend
Maddy & Tom Pearson


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